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Rīgas iela 22, Piņķi, Babītes pagasts, Babītes novads, Latvija
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We believe in excellence in healthcare!

Our clinic is attended by a wonderful doctor, pediatric neurosurgeon Basel Wehbe, who specializes in the diagnosis of diseases of the head and spinal cord system – incl. congenital anomalies of neurotraumas, neoplasms of soft tissues, skull bones and brain, congenital and secondary hydrocephalus. One of the most complex operations in history was performed at the Children’s Hospital. And the operation was performed by our doctor Basel Wehbe. The doctor is very knowledgeable, we are proud!



Neurosurgeon - pediatrician
Услуги Продолжительность Цена
Pediatric neurosurgeon consultation 45.00 EUR

Удобства и Услуги

  • Дети от 12 до 18
  • Дети от 3 до 6
  • Дети от 7 до 11


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