Sanstefar Abruzzo

Via delle Ginestre, 1, 66050 centro storico di San Salvo CH, Italy
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Sanstefar Abruzzo is a multispecialist reality that includes 16 Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers , located in the Abruzzo Region, accredited with the National Health System (Law 833/1978 ex art.26) for the provision of multidisciplinary rehabilitation services aimed at the developmental age and to adulthood .
The Sanstefar Abruzzo Outpatient Centers are located in the provinces of Chieti, Pescara, Teramo, L’Aquila and provide health and social-health services aimed at the functional and psycho-social recovery of subjects suffering from physical, psychological, sensory impairments deriving from multiple pathologies.
In Sanstefar Abruzzo Outpatient Centers it is possible to perform services, both in agreement with the National Health System and in private regime, relating to neurological, orthopedic, neuromotor and functional, psychomotor, cognitive, urological, respiratory, speech therapy, social and psychological rehabilitation .

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