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Reha-Klinik Kandertal 19, 79429 Malsburg-Marzell, Germany
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Children in need of treatment receive exactly the support they urgently need in the rehab for families. Experienced paediatricians, psychologists and educators offer age-appropriate therapies – eg for behavioral and emotional disorders, developmental disorders, ADHD, eating disorders and many other psychosomatic illnesses.
In the therapy, the reference group comes first, the children spend their day together with their peers in the children’s groups or the clinic school. There is also joint therapy with the parents. Children either come to the clinic for children’s rehabilitation (the parents then accompany them) or you accompany the parents who need treatment. Of course, both the children and the parents may need treatment.
Children from 0 – 16 years are accepted. There are special offers for older adolescents and young adults in the department for psychosomatic rehabilitation.

Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация
Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация

Удобства и Услуги

  • Горы
  • Дети от 12 до 18
  • Невролог
  • Психолог
  • Физиотерапевт


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