Kladruby Rehabilitation Institute

Kladruby 30, 257 62 Kladruby, Czechia
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The Kladruby Rehabilitation Institute is located in the preserved countryside of Podblanica on the edge of the Vlašim basin 7 km northeast of Vlašimi near the village of Kladruby. From here, you can clearly see the memorable Blaník mountain on the horizon, known for the legend of the Blaník knights.
Physiotherapy is a field that is one part of complex rehabilitation, dealing primarily with the prevention and treatment of disorders of the locomotor system. The physiotherapist mainly uses various forms of movement therapy and physical therapy in order to achieve the maximum development of damaged movement functions together with the patient.

Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация
Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация

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  • Физиотерапевт


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