IRF - Instituto de Rehabilitación Funcional La Salle

C. Ganímedes, 11, 28023 Madrid, Spain
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis, evaluation, prevention and treatment of disability aimed at facilitating, maintaining or restoring the highest possible degree of functional capacity and independence. The Physician Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (MFR) follows and develops a rehabilitation care process that consists of the prevention, treatment and evaluation of disability.
The Neuropediatrician is a pediatrician specialized in the knowledge of the normal and abnormal development of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System, in children and adolescents.

Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация
Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация

Удобства и Услуги

  • Дети от 12 до 18
  • Дети от 3 до 6
  • Дети от 7 до 11
  • Невролог
  • Остеопат
  • Психолог
  • Физиотерапевт


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