Helios Hospital Krefeld

Lutherpl. 40, 47805, Krefeld, Germany

The clinic’s team specializes in oncology using minimally invasive surgery — up to 97% of operations are performed using the laparoscopic method. Digitalization of all organizational processes allows patients to focus on the main thing — taking care of themselves and their recovery.

Helios Krefeld has the status of the academic hospital of the Rhine-Westphalian University of Aachen — it is one of the 9 best technical universities in Germany with a strong biomedical specialization. The clinic’s team specializes in the treatment of oncology, strokes, vascular and spinal surgeries and operations on the biliary tract.

5 departments of the clinic have the status of a certified cancer center. In 2018, the clinic achieved a zero mortality rate when removing the colon invaded by cancer. Successfully completed 98% of partial lung removal operations on patients with oncology, a recovery rate 96% of patients with heart failure. 223 of 225 vascular operations were successfully completed (including complex operations, such as open surgery on abdominal aortic aneurysm), as well as 415 of 417 urological operations, including removal of bladder, kidneys and prostate. The clinic has 450 doctors and 670 caretakers in total.


Prof. Dr. Med. Clayton Kraft

Chief Physician, Orthopedics
Стаж: From 1997

Prof. Dr. med. Tim Niehues

Chief Physician, Pediatrics
Стаж: From 1993
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