Helios ENDO-Klinik Hamburg

Holstenstraße 2, 22767, Hamburg, Germany
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In our centers for pediatric and adolescent medicine, infants, children and adolescents receive optimal treatment. We care for our young patients as if they were our own children. We take care of body and soul and treat all acute and chronic childhood and adolescent diseases.

Our wide range of services includes outpatient and inpatient care for premature babies, infants, toddlers and young people:

  • Neonatology accompanies premature and newborn babies during their start into life
  • Our pulmologists ensure that your child gets better air despite lung disease, allergies or cystic fibrosis
  • The intensive care physicians take care of young patients around the clock
  • Diagnostics and therapy of psychosomatic diseases
  • Our oncologists and hematologists use the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods

PD Dr. Med. Patrick Hundsdörfer

Pediatric and adolescent blood diseases
Стаж: From 2007

Dr. Med. Andreas Widera

Pediatric pain therapy, Pediatric nutritional medicine
Стаж: From 1999

Dr. Med. Peter Seiffert

Paediatric neurology and convulsive disorders
Стаж: From 1997

Prof. Dr. med. Tim Niehues

Стаж: From 1993

Prof. Dr. Med. Axel Sauerbrey

Pediatric gastroenterology, endoscopy, Pediatric pneumology, allergology
Стаж: From 1990

Prof. Dr. Med. Karsten Harms

Pediatric cardiology
Стаж: From 1985

Dr. Med. Hans-Ludwig Reiter

Pediatric Pulmonology, Pediatric Allergology
Стаж: From 1987

Dr. Med. Simone Pötzsch

Pediatric Neurology
Стаж: From upon request

Dr. Med. Olaf Kannt

Bronchopneumology, pediatric cardiology, oncology and hematology, endocrinology and diabetes, pediatric rheumatology, gastroenterology, metabolic medicine: in collaboration with the corresponding specialists at the hospital)
Стаж: From 2001
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Удобства и Услуги

  • Дети от 12 до 18
  • Дети от 3 до 6
  • Дети от 7 до 11


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