FILOKTITIS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center

ΠΕΥΚΩΝ, Pisistratou και, Koropi 194 00, Greece
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The FILOKTITIS Recovery-Rehabilitation Center is the largest private rehabilitation unit for neurological and musculoskeletal diseases in the Prefecture of Attica with 125 specially designed beds, specialized scientific human resources in the field of rehabilitation, modern technological equipment and sophisticated treatment rooms for inpatients and outpatients.
The basic principle of operation and the success of the rehabilitation program at our Center lies in the thorough and comprehensive internal communication of the interdisciplinary team, which constitutes the real strength of the rehabilitation program with the patient himself as recipient and the end result is the maximization of the improvement of the clinic of the image and aim at its functional reintegration into daily activities.

Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация
Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация

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