Fachklinik Gaißach

Dorf 1, 83674 Gaißach, Germany
На основе 140 отзывов

The Gaißach specialist clinic is popular with children, young people, adults and accompanying persons. The two most important reasons for this are certainly the scenic location with its health-promoting atmosphere and the empathetic and competent team.
Our clinic is managed by very experienced minds. The acting Medical Director, Stephan Ingrisch and the commercial management team. The most important thing for the dedicated team of commercial management is compliance with the high quality standards.

Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация
Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация

Удобства и Услуги

  • Горы
  • Дети от 12 до 18
  • Остеопат
  • Психолог
  • Физиотерапевт


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