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Paediatric orthopaedics is about the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal (bone, joint, or muscle) problems in a child who is still growing. This includes new born babies through to teenagers. A child’s musculoskeletal problems are different from those of an adult.

Because children are still growing, the body’s response to injuries, infections, and deformities may be quite different than what would be seen in a full-grown person.
Sometimes, what is thought to be a problem in a child is just a variation of growth that will resolve with time. Some of the problems children have with their bones and joints that are due to growth do not even occur in adults.

And, the evaluation and treatment of a child is usually quite different than for an adult — even for the same problem. Children with complex paediatric problems are best managed by a medical-surgical team approach.

Paediatric orthopaedic surgeons diagnose, treat, and manage children’s musculoskeletal problems.

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