Association Dianova Portugal

Casa da Quinta das Lapas, 2565-517 Monte Redondo, Portugal

Dianova | NGO specialized in Addictive Behaviours Recovery

Dianova is specialised in drug prevention and health promotion, addictive behaviours recovery, professional reintegration, training and social inclusion.

A NGO established in Portugal since 1984 as an active agent of the social and health network. Dianova Portugal Association focus on Drug Addiction and Social Development. Is since 1993 recognized as Public Utility.

Dianova mission is to develop initiatives and programs with the objective of promoting personal self-reliance and social progress.

Our ethical framework and common core values are Commitment, Solidarity, Tolerance and Internationality.

And our vision: with the appropriate support, each person will be able to find within him/herself the resources necessary to achieve personal development and social integration.

Dianova main goals are:

> Promoting educational activities for prevention and health promotion.

> Helping people to stop the abuse of psychoactive substances.

> Supporting children and young people at risk.

> Supporting social integration of individuals in situation of social vulnerability.

> Developing training and awareness activities.

> Promoting and enhancing adequate dissemination, education, execution and training towards social progress. This within the scope of cooperation for international development.

In order to fulfil its mission, Dianova has a structured internal organisation. It includes highly qualified professionals from different areas according to the identified needs.

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Скоро здесь появится актуальная информация

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